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Delphi7 Lite Edition [2011-08-01] [All Updates Integrated] [Optional D2007 RTL / VCL] [Portable-Edition Integrated] [Supports Windows7 Fully]

[Borland is an admirable company, value Borland thing of the past, I would Like this product dedicated to the former Borland, Borland, Memorial has passed away, in order to cherish the memory by Borland legendary (fine) Code Delphi7 this product only to learn the use of the exchange, and not for the purpose of any profits, do not be used for any illegal commercial use, or peril.]

Delphi7 Lite, simple but not simple, once installed, run anywhere .

containing 4 shells: Tiny / Mini / Meduim / Full function and volume from small to large, and strive to achieve the perfect balance of function and volume for performance optimization and excellent streamlined including installation / green portable version combo integrated part of the commonly used and efficient IDE experts and plug Delphi7 committed to fight a modern integrated development environment (relatively speaking), will enable you to use this product efficiency in the development / use of a substantial increase relative to the original experience / system compatibility.

Key Features:

  • Install once, run everywhere be installed for the first time, every time you can be simply register.
  • Has been installed to integrate all available upgrade patches (to Delphi7 Update 1.1, the IDE version number for the Build 8.1) integration currently the vast majority of bugs Fix Pack.
  • Support all version of Windows you are using: Windows7, R2 , Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, 2000, Me, 98, NT 4.0, support non-administrator permissions users install, support UAC.
  • Especially on Windows7 provide comprehensive support.
  • In addition to all the extra installation options, but retains the original code option to remove non-essential files (ModelMaker, InterBase, MergeModules, Extra Docs, Images, MDAC, etc.).
  • After installation used dynamic compiler generated RTL, VCL DCU file greatly reduces the size of the installation file.
  • Optional replace Delphi7 RTL / VCL Delphi2007 RTL / VCL Delphi7 Vista attributes to support Delphi2007 new.
  • Optional Delphi7 RTL / VCL restore to use the the official original source file, only for compatibility might need some third-party components (not recommended).
  • The installation program is designed to be reusable installed when you install the new version, if the installer is not specified, you do not need to remove the old version, you can upgrade directly, all settings will be retained, the original the Delphi installation of control and The settings will automatically import the newly installed IDE environment.
  • The installer built can directly select the "green portable version of install mode, use this mode installation destination folder green version, a move to achieve thorough pun on" Install / green portable version combo . "
  • The installer comes the independent green registration program (D7LiteReg.exe) easy to quickly restore Delphi7 development environment (control / experts / set). Directly copy the entire Delphi directory again perform D7LiteReg.exe can complete Delphi registration the same method can be applied to green registered the Delphi7 other version, Delphi7 SECOND EDITION v7.2.
  • The installer supports using existing source code recompilation installation (only covering installation) or external Delphi7-source source code to compile and install, more details, please see the instructions.
  • Command line functions. Installer with additional support the installer menu / registry / Miscellaneous repair, using the command line parameter /? / Help to see more details.
  • The the installer supports attach the command-line parameters to achieve additional functionality to support installed Delphi7 program menu / registry / miscellaneous items carried out repair common command line parameters directly integrated into the installer, click the right or use in window command line parameter /? / help to see more details.
  • The installer will automatically select different components of the installation according to the installation purpose machine performance.
  • The installer supports multi-language interface (including Chinese Simplified / Traditional / English).
  • Optional only replace Delphi2007 in windows pas to support XP / Vista API and window attributes, different from completely replace Delphi2007 RTL / VCL, to the greatest extent Delphi7 compatibility new API supports vista and window properties .
  • The color scheme of the code editor set to Delphi2006 style.
  • Contains programming dedicated font Consolas (recommended font size to 10, and enable ClearType).
  • Change the IDE and VCL default font from MS Sans Serif to Tahoma, the interface looks more beautiful.
  • Choose to modify the Delphi IDE Support XP style can be seen in the design of the program running XP effect, what you see is what you get.
  • Integrated DelphiZLib 1.2.5 (ZLibEx.pas), can choose to upgrade to the built-in ZLib 1.04 to ZLib 1.2.5.
  • Integrated VCL Fix Pack 1.4, in the project manual referenced unit VCLFixPack.pas.
  • The integrated Midas Speed ​​Fix 1.2 project manually reference unit MidasSpeedFix.pas.
  • From the extended www.delphi-jedi.org Win32Api unit in the integration of the following:
SHELL LITE :: Microsoft Shell Lightweight Utility API, v.1.2/SNMP :: Microsoft headers for Simple Network Management Protocol definitions / WINSOCK 2 :: Winsock 2 API (Windows Sockets).
  • The integrated MySQL Driver for DBExpress, driver support MySQL 3.22/4.0/4.1/5.0.
  • Integrated Newly Delphi Features Extented Components, the new transplant since Delphi7 later version control items, such as Vista Dialogs Delphi7 Vista style dialog box can also develop the program.

Contains the following experts or tools (based on different versions):

  • Delphi IDE plugin DelphiSpeedUp 3.1. (IDE acceleration).
  • Delphi IDE plug DDevExtensions 2.4. (Enhanced IDE project settings and compile, you can add different versions of the compiler configuration, such as the release / debug version) for the project.
  • The Delphi expert GExperts 1.35 Experimental. (Super IDE experts).
  • Delphi expert DelforExp 2.5. (Code formatting tools).
  • Delphi experts UnitExpert (to improve the IDE unit operation efficiency tools).
  • Delphi experts CnWizards (a super IDE experts developed by the Chinese, to support the original code structure highlighting the connection display, automatic backup and recovery has been installed to control information, to make your own green version delphi tool).
  • The Delphi tool DelphiDistiller 1.85. (Select controls and setting tools loaded when the IDE starts).
  • Spy tools Microsoft Spy + + v7.1 and Spy4Win (Spy for Window) v0.20b.
  • EXE / DLL dependency analysis tool Dependency Walker 2.2.
  • DLL export functions viewer DLL Export Viewer v1.42.
  • BDE (Borland Database Engine 5.2), and related tools BDE Administrator, SQL Explorer, Database Desktop, SQL Monitor, Data Pump, etc..
  • BDE example database (alias the DBDEMOS).

Download Links:

  • FileName: Delphi7_Lite_Full_Edition_Setup_7.3.4.3_Build_20110801.exe
  • MD5: 251DD0193CCA8906E2335087BE2FE1D0

  • FileName: Delphi7_Lite_Medium_Edition_Setup_7.3.4.3_Build_20110801.exe
  • MD5: 9C4F4C039E7EC716204677869D5AA954

  • FileName: Delphi7_Lite_Mini_Edition_Setup_7.3.4.2_Build_20110801.exe
  • MD5: D4F23D86575ABDBB04257A2613C743A3

  • FileName: Delphi7_Lite_Tiny_Edition_Setup_7.3.4.2_Build_20110801.exe
  • MD5: 39289158465B741F14071A8A903AE513 

  • FileName: D7LiteReg.exe
  • MD5: 6EEFE842C973FEA6B98F8E299FB8C0F9

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