Wednesday, 2 January 2013

TmgWebUpdater - Easily update your applications

TmgWebUpdater is a non-visual component for our beloved Delphi. Simply place TmgWebUpdater onto your main form and your program will be able to automatically check for updates, download the new installer and run it when download has finished.
TmgWebUpdater requires Indy libraries installed and to use it you have to enable Delphi versioning system for project you want to be able to auto-update: Project->Options->Version Info: be sure 'Include version information in project' checkbox is checked.
TmgWebUpdater makes easy as never before implementing automatic web update feature within your application.
In order to make it running you have to:
  • Place TmgWebUpdater on the main form of your app
  • upload to web server the script (by default its name is checkUpdates.php or checkUpdates.asp and it is created in the main application folder; you can rename it, modify it or leave it as it is: the only thing you don't have to change in this file is the version number which is created automatically and formatted in the right way
  • create the program which will be downloaded and which will install updates: the best thing is to use an installer which install new versions of files
  • upload this file to your web server
  • Set DownloadUrl and CheckUrl properties with your data (names can be changed as you wish):
    • CheckUrl:
    • DownloadUrl:
  • Set property Active to true
To create your script you can use the CreateScript utility included in the archive and then upload to your server.
That's all: everytime your application will start, it will check if there are updates available and i will download them.
Tested on Delphi 6 up to Delphi 2010 (presumably working with Delphi XE and Delphi XE2 also).



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