Thursday, 14 November 2013

Lazy Delphi Builder 15-sep-2013

Feature: allow to select platform. Win32, Win64 and OSX are supported for now. Implemented as dcc32 replacement with dcc64/dccOSX. Other platforms can be used by specifying custom dcc32 in LazyDbp file(see #9 in release notes for version

Feature: You can change the amount of problems, that might happen before Lazy Builder will decide to stop build (default 2)

  1. FIXED: Access Violation when press “Load preset” button without any preset selected (thanks for reporting it)
  2. FIXED: can’t use Unicode (non-ansi) characters in output paths. Details: OEM conversion for paths is applied only for versions prior to D2009.
  3. FIXED: Removing package from IDE in Delphi version prior to XE2 did not worked.
  4. FIXED: Packages tree: Program stops responding after Info panel is opened and erroneous package is selected
  5. FIXED (unsure): frozen Delphi version change after resources are copied

Minor: fixed hints on frame “Scan settings”
Minor: dcc32 was renamed to dccXX in all the hints and messages
Added support for Delphi XE6 =)
You can download new version here: Here

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