Thursday, 14 November 2013

Cara Cek Modem Wavecom Dengan Hyperterminal

Cara Menggunakan Modem Wavecom M1206b, M1306b & Modem Pool Simbox dengan menggunakan Hyperterminal. cara berikut untuk membuat koneksi Modem Wavecom ke Hyperterminal.
    1. Pilih Menu Hyper Terminal ada di Start=> All Program => Accesoris => Comunication => Hyper Terminal.
    2. Akan muncul dialog untuk mengisikan Conection Name seperti dibawah ini :
       Cara cek Modem Wavecom dengan Hyperterminal
    3. Isi Dengan nama koneksinya misalkan Modem Wavecom Klik OK
    4. Selanjutnya akan muncul dialog lagi Connect To, pada bagian Connet using pilih port com dimana modem terhubung dengan Komputer anda.
       Cara cek Modem Wavecom dengan Hyperterminal
    5. Setelah itu akan klik tombol OK, maka akan muncul dialog lagi
       Cara cek Modem Wavecom dengan Hyperterminal
    6. Pilihkan Bit Per Second sesuai dengan Baudrate yang dipakai modem Wavecom anda.
    7. Selanjutnya akan muncul layar putih seperti berikut ini. Untuk pengetest ketikan perintah AT bila respone yang dihasilkan pada layar adalah OK, berarti anda telah sukses membuat koneksi ke Modem.
       Cara cek Modem Wavecom dengan Hyperterminal
    8. Cara Melakukan Cek Pulsa dengan Modem Wavecom. contoh menggunakan operator AXIS.
       Cara cek Modem Wavecom dengan Hyperterminal
    9. Untuk mengecek pulsa digunakan perintah AT+CUSD=1,
      * contoh : AT+CUSD=1,*888 Responnya nanti akan muncul “OK”, tunggu beberapa saat maka akan muncul jumlah Pulsa Anda. Jawaban yang di hasilkan adalah “+CUSD: 2,”Jumlah pulsa kamu Rp. 5530 aktif sampai dengan 21/04/2009. Kamu memiliki bonus : 1000 SMS; 1000 MMS. “,15?
    10. Cara Mengirim SMS dengan GSM Modem Wavecom Lewat Hyper Terminal.
      Berikut ini akan saya jelaskan bagaimana mengirim SMS tentunya masih menggunakan Modem GSM dan masih dengan tools Hyper Terminal.
      Syarat yang harus dipenuhi untuk menjalankan perintah, Modem GSM anda harus support dalam Format Text, kalau Formatnya PDU Only jelas nggak bisa bro icon smile Cara cek Modem Wavecom dengan Hyperterminal
    11. Cara untuk mengetahui modem kita Support Text atau PDU adalah dengan mengirim Perintah AT Command.
      Respon :
      +CMGF: (0,1) => angka 1 menandakan modem anda support Format Text.
      AT Comand yang digunakan untuk merubah ke modemText adalah :
      Bila responnya OK, berarti modem sukses dipindah mode TExt
      Format AT Command untuk mengirim sms adalah :
      > contoh kirim sms
      Maka akan menghasil report seperti di bawah ini apabila SMS sukses terkirim,
      +CMGS: 20
      Bila gagal akan memberikan nilai balik ERROR.

      Disadur dari :

ZeosLib For DelphiXE5

Download via svn


Download with TortoiseSVN

1. copied packages\DelphiXE4 to packages\DelphiXE5
2. renamed ProjectGroup to have suffix 19 instead of 18
3. changed package option LIB-Suffix from 180 to 190

Compiles out-of-the-box! ZComponentDesign can be installed.

Lazy Delphi Builder 15-sep-2013

Feature: allow to select platform. Win32, Win64 and OSX are supported for now. Implemented as dcc32 replacement with dcc64/dccOSX. Other platforms can be used by specifying custom dcc32 in LazyDbp file(see #9 in release notes for version

Feature: You can change the amount of problems, that might happen before Lazy Builder will decide to stop build (default 2)

  1. FIXED: Access Violation when press “Load preset” button without any preset selected (thanks for reporting it)
  2. FIXED: can’t use Unicode (non-ansi) characters in output paths. Details: OEM conversion for paths is applied only for versions prior to D2009.
  3. FIXED: Removing package from IDE in Delphi version prior to XE2 did not worked.
  4. FIXED: Packages tree: Program stops responding after Info panel is opened and erroneous package is selected
  5. FIXED (unsure): frozen Delphi version change after resources are copied

Minor: fixed hints on frame “Scan settings”
Minor: dcc32 was renamed to dccXX in all the hints and messages
Added support for Delphi XE6 =)
You can download new version here: Here

Delphi Knowledge Base v1.5

Delphi Knowledge Base is a unique collection of Delphi tips and articles where Delphi programmers can find ideas, solutions and share their experience. Everyone of us occasionally experience what it is when you can not find the right way of solving the problem and how much time it takes. But have you ever thought that maybe thousands of people already had this kind of problem and solved it successfully? So the main idea of this program is that you can find the article you need and also share your articles with other users via the Internet. This exchange helps to expand the program and to enrich it with new articles every day. The program enables user to browse articles that are already existing in a data base and to add new ones. Articles are formatted so that they could be copied and pasted right into your program.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

IDE Fix Pack 5.4untuk XE5 released

The new IDE Fix Pack 5.4 supports XE5, fixes some bugs in IDE Fix Pack patches and adds new Win32 and Win64 compiler optimizations.

IDE Fix Pack 5.4


DelphiMVCFramework go to Open Source

DelphiMVCFramework Logo
Yes, just after 1 year of development, and a couple of big projects developed with it, the DelphiMVCFramework has been published as OpenSource.
The project is on google code svn
I’ll talk about it at ITDevCon2013 (
In the trunk there are many samples and I’m planning to put many others.
Main DMVCFramework features
  • RESTful (RMM Level 3) compliant
  • Server side generated pages using eLua (Embedded Lua)
  • Messaging extension using STOMP (tested with Apache Apollo and Apache ActiveMQ)
  • Can be used in load balanced environment using memcached (
  • Fancy URL with parameter mappings
  • Integrated RESTClient
  • Works with XE4 and XE5 (tested, but should works also on XE3 and XE2)
  • Experimental support for IOCP
  • Simple, but very very simple, to use…
It contains also a lot of indipendent code that can be used in other kind of projects.
These are the most notable:
  • Mapper (convert JSON <=> Object, ObjectList <=> JSONArray, ObjectLists <=> DataSets)
  • LuaBinding (integrate Lua script into Delphi native code)
  • LuaTextFilter (convert eLua into plain Lua executable script just like JSP)
Currently DMVCFramework use Embarcadero WebBroker framework, but is not tied to it. I’m working on a version that use IOCP (that is 10 times faster than plain WebBroker) and other web libraries for Delphi.
Code is enough stable and is already used in big production system.
There are a couple of bugs that affect WebBroker and so, DMVCFramework.
In our system, I’ve applied some patches to solve these problems. If you need those patches, ask me (I cannot publish the full code because it is Embarcadero licensed code).
The bugs are:
And another bug that affect also DataSnap and TIdHTTPWebBrokerBridge based projects.
Code is tested on XE4 and XE5 but should works also on XE3 and XE2.

Install Fortesreport community Delphi 7 dan RX Berlin

Download  Pertama2 kita harus punya file installernya terlebih dahulu, download