Friday, 3 April 2015

Bagaimana Saya mendapatkan Deadline Project [Delphi Style]

Ketika Belum deadline tampilan IDE Delphi 7  saya begini

Setelah Deadline jadi gini

Biar cepet keluar dari masa masa deadlinenya =D

Tapi Deadline Itu tidak baik, coba baca ..

Because of deadlines, many programmers create Quick & Dirty
(Q&D) code rather than doing things The Right Way. This
leads to many problems.
• Deadlines cause bugs
When programmers write Q&D, they often ignore edge cases. This means the code reject things it should process and process things that is should reject.
• Deadlines cause delays
Because of the bugs, the code doesn't work when the deadline arrives and the deadline has to be extended.
• Deadlines undermine the confidence of the programmers
IBM sets its sales quote so that 80% of its sales force will meet them. When was the last time you heard of a manager setting the deadlines so that 80% of his programmers meet them? In fact, many managers set their deadlines so that their programmer can't possible meet them. They assume that this will make their programmers work harder. And it does. They work harder but are less productivity in their work. That's because repeats failures undermine their confidence which increases stress and reduces productivity.
• Deadlines undermines any sort of company spirit
Because programmers repeatedly fail to meet their deadlines, they lose any interest in their work and this undermines any loyalty or team spirit they might have.
• Deadlines causes turnover
Because of the programmers' low morale, they often switch jobs to find more interesting work.
In summary, deadlines are just a bad idea.

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