Sunday, 13 September 2015

MDB Admin [Create and manage Access MDB Databases]

MDB Admin, a free tool to manage MSAccess databases. Build with Delphi 2010, DevExpress, SynEdit and some others components.


-Open a existing database or create a empty file;
-Create, drop or edit tables, views, procedures, indexes and keys;
-Execute SQL commands (DDL and DML);
-Export tables in differents formats (XML, JSON, CSV, SQL);
-Dump a entire MDB database into a SQL file. You can choice the SQL dialect (MSAccess, MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL or PostgreSQL);
-And more.

Added a application called MDBDump, for dump databases via command line. Get it in "Files" tab.

Install Fortesreport community Delphi 7 dan RX Berlin

Download  Pertama2 kita harus punya file installernya terlebih dahulu, download